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If you are a fan of H. P. Lovecraft (A Lovecraftian!), and you haven’t yet joined all of the Lovecraftian fun on Facebook, you are missing out on one of the greatest online multi-room Fan Conventions and Parties ever!

Whatever your area of Lovecraftian Fan interest is, there’s a group, or several groups, on Facebook, just waiting for you to join in.

You don’t have to do anything, post anything, write anything, if you would prefer to just look around and watch; but you just might find that all of the things you’ll read, see, hear, and discover, will open your eyes and mind to Lovecraftian experiences, things, and especially people, from all over the world, that you wouldn’t have discovered any other way.

Here’s an alphabetical list of sixty-one of the Lovecraftian groups on Facebook that might appeal to you, along with direct links to them in case they…

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The Secret of Ventriloquism

ligotti ;D

Christopher Slatsky

THE SECRET OF VENTRILOQUISM offers up nine nightmarish tales that touch upon body horror, philosophical terror, the mystery of puppets, and an accumulation of dread that at times threatens to become all consuming. Each tale is connected in what feels more like a shared nightmare than geographical shared-world, overlapping and referencing places and names and incidents, accentuating the sensation that the reader is being yanked down into a chasm of the author’s design. The whole effect is one of a sleeper unable to wake from encroaching nightmares. What an astonishingly exciting debut.

The limited edition hardback with gorgeous Dave Felton art is sold out, but the trade paperback can be pre-ordered from Dunhams Manor Press, and the volume should also be available via Amazon by the end of the month.


Introduction by Matt Cardin

The Mindfulness of Horror Practice

Murmurs of a Voice Foreknown

The Indoor Swamp

Origami Dreams


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